Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ok, I should mention before I go any farther that I am probably the only person in the US of A that isn't an American Idol fan. But----sigh-----since the last season started, my little corner of the world in NW Ohio has been Crystallized(their word, not mine). As in Crystal Bowersox. I work with people who live by her, who went to school with her and on and on. So, finally I tuned in to listen and when I heard her belt out Me and Bobby Mcgee, I was, well---Crystallized. She is the real deal----early Janis Joplin and so incredibly wonderful. So here we are, down to the top 3 contestants and yesterday Crystal Bowersox came home---along with a camera crew from American Idol. She was in a parade, gave a concert at the Ottawa County Fairground and last nite sang the National Anthem at the Mud Hens game at 5/3 field. The crowd at the ballgame gave her such an outpouring of love and support----and she gave it all back in return. So--all I can say is VOTE FOR CRYSTAL!!!!

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Diane in Virginia said...

HOW EXCITING for Toledo!!!! I can't wait to watch Idol this week!!! :)