Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Great Winter Storm of 2011 roared through last nite and depending who you talk to it was either "not as bad as they said" or "wow that is a LOT of snow". We are in a Level 3 snow emergency and I have a snow day from work(a little unusual when you work in a hospital). I was out taking pictures and it is over my boots with some ice and LOTS of drifting and still snowing. There was a lot of talk about the way people shopped and stocked up and I will confess to putting extra food and water in my refrigerator--not because we would be snowed in but in case we lost electricity with the ice. And I know of people who shopped for the elderly who definately would be snowbound. So what to do with my snow day? Knit, read, snow shoes, watch one of my favorite movies-Tombstone, drink tea-------perhaps a nap?

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