Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Ernie, We Want him Back". I still want him back but he is in God's hands now. He was the voice of the Detroit Tigers on the radio for many many years. He had a golden voice and was a true Southern gentleman---old school in a modern world. He lived to see the installation of this statue in Comerica Park---and it is a true likeness. He died last year and leaves behind many fans---myself included. Several weeks ago we were leaving the ballpark and decided to meet up at the Ernie statue after making some pit stops. It was so touching to watch the people file past. Some people patted the statues arm and said "Oh Ernie"--quite a few people rubbed the elbow-a few adults and children climbed up on the pedestal for a pic with Ernie(and the gate attendants didn't scold them) and many had tears in thier eyes. There was a bouquet of flowers at his feet and I heard one man say he has never been in the stadium since Ernie's death that he hasn't seen the flowers left behind by a fan.

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