Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It is so revitalizing to get away for a weekend. Especially when the weekend is spent with loved ones doing things we love. Some of us skiied, some of us snowshoed, and some of us relaxed and read. Some of us came from Ohio, some from Texas and some from Indiana. Our ages ranged from 60 to 6 months and everywhere in between. All of us did a lot of laughing and having fun. So, now we are back home and a little tired but we are still laughing at the fun we shared. Such as------during Catchphrase, our nephew David had the word "thong" and gave the clue "what some women wear to work" We will be laughing at that for a long time.

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Diane in Virginia said...

You all look cold! I'm sure there were MANY laughs to keep you warm though. I miss the ski trips!