Monday, January 26, 2009

No, I don't have Cabin Fever

It's January in Ohio and we have record amounts of snow cover. Some people experience cabin fever around this time of year. But not me, oh no. I have my magnet collection to amuse me. And not just any magnet collection on my Whirlpool. This collection has been given to me, piece by piece byAdam. Some sons give their Mom's jewelry but not Adam. It is magnets from far and wide. Chicago, St Louis and even Land O Lakes Wisconsin.And let's not forget the Hockey Hall of Fame. Wonderful son, that Adam. Wonderful time of year, here in Ohio. I'm not experiencing cabin fever---I am really OK.


Adam Gross said...

I've never been to Land O Lake Wisconsin. I have been to Chain O'Lakes State Park in Indiana though.

Diane in Virginia said...

Adam would be proud of my magnet collection! I ALWAYS have to get a magnet wherever I or we go. I've been doing it for years. Its a fun "reminder" of where you have been and what you did.

Donna H. said...

It must be hereditary. Everywhere we go the first thing Rachel and I do is look for the best magnet for the refrigerator. If it sparkles it is even better!