Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gorgeous day! First bike ride of the year. I got creative to document the day and took a picture of myself taking a picture-----reflected in the pond from a bridge.


~verna said...

Wow! I love this photo. I had to look at it a while to see how you did it. At first, I thought it was snowing. But, alas, I figured out the water. Fun shot.

I'm Surfing by to say Hi and let you know of an offer at my blog. I hope you will drop by to get the info:
The offer took on special meaning as of yesterday since we are trying to help bring home a little girl from China.
Thanks for your consideration. ~verna

Diane in Virginia said...

VERY cool photo!!! :) Have you heard through the grapevine yet that I'll be home for the weekend of Grandma's party? Rog and Maribel are coming too!

Mariska said...

Wow! You look like your mother in this picture. That is simply divinity smiling back at you Michele.