Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When summer finally arrives in Ohio, it arrives with a blast--as in furnace. But no--I am NOT complaining. I love the heat and humidity---I just feel so energyless. This cool dish of rocks is soothing just to look at it. I am just sitting around----THINKING!!!

Pondering things like--

1. Why am I so surprised that the dog does not tolerate heat well---total wet noodle. I turned the A/C on for HIM!!!!

2. I should go for a bike ride but the thought of insects sticking to my sweaty arms and legs is not very appealing

3. Are text messages and twitter going to make phone calls obsolete----I say this as I am getting ready to go get my new phone tonite. And I do NOT appreciate junk cell phone calls.

4. I do not like the new Facebook format. Too much Mafia Wars are clogging up what is interesting.

OK----stay cool everyone!

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