Monday, June 1, 2009

Why aren't there any "simple projects" anymore. A week ago, I looked at my growing pile of wine corks and decided to make a backsplash behind my kitchen desk. Just a "simple project".

1. Lay out corks in desired pattern. Find out I am 200 corks short. Debate how quick I can drink 200 bottles of wine and opt for ordering corks on ebay

2. Corks promptly arrive on Friday and with a few hours to kill on Saturday morning, I set to work.

3. Remove old cloth covered backboard and find(remember) I failed to patch wall

4. Patch wall and find it isn't flush to wall

5. Decide to start applying corks with glue gun.

6. Notice white background showing through.

7. Go to hardware store for a quart of cork colored paint. Reassured by hardware man that there is no such thing as simple project and he is sure I will be back soon.

8. Pull corks off wall and also pull off paint down to drywall

9. Find out that I best wait for a week before applying corks to fresh paint.

10. Rethink #1 and regret wasting money on corks instead of drinking my way to them.

1 comment:

Donna H. said...

You know what they say, hind-sight is always 20/20. I also agree that no "simple" project ever ends that way.