Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ahh Charleston! I will miss your sultry, charming beauty and your friendly southern hospitality. When I think of Charleston, these memories will forever be in my mind

1. The Gorgeous architectural detail of your Charleston Single Houses. And we are talking AUTHENTIC--not reproduction details. You've seen the these in movies and pictures---double story porches to collect the cooling breezes.

2. The Crape Myrtle----in full bloom while we were there

3. The shade gardens that we saw as we peeked through the wrought iron gates into private gardens-----I know, I know but since nobody in Charleston knew us, we didn't care who saw us peeking.
4. The checkerboard sidewalks that we saw every now and then. I put up a pic and wanted to also show my favorite sandals which saved my vacation after I had blisters the first day from my "walking shoes". These Keen sandals have been many places with me and are virtually indestructable with no friction on my heel!
5. The Food!! Oh Yes indeedy! Our favorite was Jestines Kitchen but it was hard to call anything a favorite with so much good cooking going on.

6. THE PEOPLE. That friendly southern hospitality-always welcoming.
Soooo-if you go to Charleston, the best advice I can give is to----take me with you!
And no, we DID NOT take Magglio with us. But, he has a new Southern name. After getting a text message from Matt while we were away informing us that our dog took over his bed and growled at Matt when he tried to go to bed(and Matt ended up sleeping on floor) we now refer to Magglio as "the Dog of Northern Aggression"


Diane in Virginia said...

Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time! Its SO fun to explire places you have never been before. :)

Diane in Virginia said...

explore, sorry!