Monday, August 23, 2010

Sigh! Back to work tomorrow after being off for 11 days(counting the weekends). What a great getaway we had. And I think my favorite part was the day trip we took to Sault St. Marie in the UP area of Michigan. It was just so peaceful, quiet and gorgeous. Here are some pictures of the locks. In a nutshell, the Soo is situated between Lake Superior and Lake Huron and until they built the lock system in 1853, cargo ships had to be unloaded and carried around the large rapids on the St Mary's River because Lake Superior is 21 feet higher than Lake Huron. So we watched the Lake Freighters enter the locks and, depending in what direction they were headed, the water filled up and either raised the ship or lowered the ship and sent them on their way. All in a matter of 20 minutes using 19th century technology of water gates and tunnels. Or as the sailor on the tour boat we took told us "just like draining your bathtub with water going down the drain".

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