Sunday, October 3, 2010

In our quest to visit as many ballparks as we can, I realized-------duh! Cincinnati is almost in our backyard(well, 3 hours away) and we have never been there! So Dan was in charge of getting tickets(and came through in a spectacular way) and we headed South(and Adam and Jonelle headed east) and had a wonderful visit to the Great American Ballpark. Cincinnati hit one out of the ballpark(pardon the pun) when they picked Great American Insurance as it's corporate sponser because that is the best name for a ballpark possible. So much better than "5th 3rd Field" or even Comerica park. Even the rain didn't damper our good time and the Reds even gave us a win. Kind of anti-climactic because they clinched the title of NL Central champs a few days earlier.

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