Thursday, November 4, 2010

I have found my sewing niche in life! Handbags, tote bags and any kind of bag. It is fun to choose fabric---and fun add-ons like old brooches and they are very forgiving of small mistakes--because after all, it is just a tote bag!! And an added bonus--I can customize the lining with pockets to fit whatever I want. Such as knitting needles, Ipod and camera. This pattern is from Ava Rose Tote bag on Etsy and the fabric is from Ikea. Yes, those are Christmas lights on the porch and in the bushes. I took advantage of the nice weather last week. No, I am not turning them on until after Thanksgiving.


Diane in Virginia said...

OMG! Love it!!!!! Your favorite niece could use a back and foth to work bag for my purse and water bottle............ LOL! j/k You are so talented! :)

Jonelle said...

reneethat fabric looks great!!!!