Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We are back from our annual Up North ski, showshoe and fun trip. Every year my husband's family converges on the Harbor Springs/Petoskey area of Michigan to play in the snow and this year was no exception. The only downside is since we all go-and the condo doesn't allow dogs--we have to put Magglio in a kennel. But luckily there is a wonderful veterinarian run boarding facility close to the condo run by some great people. And Magglio loves to travel--especially when we tell him he is going on vacation with us(and we feel a little guilty droping him off). Sadly, as we were driving through the backroads outside of town, we saw a Basset Hound chained to a tree behind a house with a too small pet carrier for a house. It bothered my tender hearted husband so much, he couldn't sleep and said he was going back to buy the dog. When we drove back through, we didn't see the poor creature so hopefully all was well.

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