Saturday, November 5, 2011

I am still thinking Honey. We winterized our hive-----by drilling holes at the top of each side to let moisture condensation moisture drain out. We were told that moisture is the worst enemy of our winter colony. The little bees keep themselves warm by clustering and fanning their wings to generate body warmth. Then they rotate their positions so the warmest spots are being shared. The numbers of bees are reduced now that the female workers kicked out the male drones--they are not needed for reproduction and so they don't want to share their food with unneccesary bees. We did add sugar water and sugar fondant patties to sustain them . We closed the lid, said our good byes and will see them in the Spring! Oh---and we added some screening to the opening to prevent Mice! So in the meantime we have been looking at other people's bee products and honey and comparing notes. i made a batch of lip balm from the valuable beeswax and will soon be making honey wine. And------we joined some friends for dinner and they gave me these adorable bee magnets!!! They were made in Findlay Ohio at the Kan Du shop!!!!!!!

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