Thursday, November 10, 2011

We've come a long way this summer---starting with this little box of 10,000 bees. We created a colony, actually felt comfortable being up close to a honey bee, watched carefully and protected our hive from mites, beetles and mice, extracted honey, learned about beeswax, connected with other beekeepers and now consider ourselves BEEKEEPERS. Our little hive is tucked in for the winter. Holes have been drilled at the top to let out moisture, extra food has been added to keep those little workers satisfied and mesh has been added to the openings to keep out the mice. It wouldn't be a catastrophe if the colony didn't survive but we feel very protective of our working insects. They have given us so much----honey and confidence----and now we wait till the spring when we open the hive again and see if all is well. It is 38 degrees now but if we still get an Indian Summer, I may open the hive one more time and add more sugar water/food.

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