Saturday, March 24, 2012

Terror in my kitchen

I know I have been sounding rather brave with all my bee talk-but the truth is-I am not too fond of wasps or bumblebees or yellowjackets. So it was a bad moment when I came home from work and let the dog out and walked back into house to hear LOUD buzzing coming from my sweater. And attached to my sweater was the biggest,baddest yellow jacket in the world. I totally panicked and tried to remove my sweater without getting stung on my face. And that thing was MAD. I got my sweater off and bundled on floor with wasp inside and placed a bucket over it. Carefully sliding to door and outside where I sprayed wasp killer-not just sprayed either, but emptied a can on it and my sweater. And like Rasputin, it lived on. I wasn't stung either but it was not a pretty scene. In reality it was 30 times bigger than it appears in this pic.

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