Saturday, April 28, 2012

Great day yesterday. Off work at 10:30-washed bedding and hung them OUTSIDE to dry-ran 2 miles and then we took our bikes to BG and pedaled 14 miles. After all that we found a great little restaurant/bar in BG,walked in to wall to wall people and the bartender greeted us like we were old friends and said she had 2 seats at the bar we were welcome to use. We felt right at home-got to know the bartender-the woman next to me(who is a published author) and everyone else who came and went. Food was great-beer was cold and new friends were made. And then---on the way to the car----there they were. The cutest shoes I ever saw sitting in a consignment store window---for 14.00. I knew I saw these shoes before but I couldn't remember where! Of course--- these are the very same shoes that Minnie Mouse wears. I didn't go home with shoes---just a pic! And to a good night's sleep on sheets smelling like the outdoors!

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