Monday, September 24, 2012


Last year we had one beehive--our very first venture into beekeeping. It was fun-an adventure! Next year, we told each other, we will have more---lots more! Our bee club laughed and said "one hive is fun, 2 hives is a hobby, 3 hives are a lot of work". We didn't listen. We told each other 5 hives would be 5 times the fun. Well----we lost 2 hives and now we are harvesting the honey from 3 hives. We are both tired and medicated with lots of Motrin for our sore backs. Dan is laying on the couch with ice on his swollen bee stung ankles. Our garage, floor, door knobs and clothes are dripping with honey. And we still have more frames to remove from a hive. Are we having fun? You betcha! Will we do it next year? Yes. Will we add more hives----definately!!!

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