Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Good Doctor!

I still have my original Dr Scholl sandals. Do they still make these? They have a bump under the toe and the premise was by gripping the bump when you walked, it toned your calves. So we-those of us in the 70's-walked around all day exercising our calves. And now that I think about it--they are called Dr Scholl's excercise sandals. And they do feel pretty comfortable to wear. Why do I still have them? Because they are virtually indestructible-wood base and leather strap. So retro--still chic. The skirt is new but the tie-dye is the right look with the shoes!

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CLE Runner said...

They still have them!! I remember the mother of my best friend in grade school wore these all the time. I never understood how a wood sole could be comfy.