Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ahhh-my first sign of Spring, and it isn't a pretty picture. I loved everything about the Geraniums I planted last year---the hot tropical fuschia color and the non curling leaves---so much that I saved them. I uprooted them right before the frost, shook the dirt off the roots and put them upside down in a box in my dark, cool basement. No water--basically just forgot about them(which was pretty much the case, because it took awhile to find them). Hopefully, I can coax them out of dormancy with water and sunlight. I have 6 pots of 3 plants apiece lined up in my kitchen. I did this once before and had 50% of the plants return. This time, I brought them out of the darkness a little early so they will be nice and bushy by May. Most of the plants have green areas on the stems so I am confident they will return. I will keep you posted.

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