Thursday, February 5, 2009

There's a lot to like about Valentine's Day---mostly because it provides big splashes of red and hot pink when we need it most, in the dead of winter. And there's a lot NOT to like about it----like the way the marketers make you feel as if you have to buy, buy buy. I tend to get a little caught up in the homemade, handmade aspect of the holiday---and I think I got that from my Mom who always came up with the most creative Valentine boxes for us. Here is a great cookie and I got the recipe HERE


Jenniffer said...


Diane in Virginia said...

You put Martha Stewart to shame!!! I'm telling you, a bakery has your name written all over it and I'll fly up to be your first customer!!
Hope you are staying warm! We are up to 60 this weekend and mid 50's all next week. YEAH !!!!