Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am home sick-----you know the kind where you are stuffed up and achy and it even hurts to think. Dan is at his Mom's 90th birthday party and Magglio thinks he is a 50 lb lap dog and we are on the couch together. I am reading blogs and find that there are some wicked good sewing blogs out there that are really inspiring me. (That is my new favorite adjective---wicked. It comes from my favorite state Maine). Since you don't want to see a picture of me sick, I am posting this picture of the dish cloth I made with all that Gorgeous yarn Lisa sent me. By the time I am done knitting, I will have a drawer filled with these gorgeous beauties. And since I have a good excuse to ramble while ill---may I say that I cannot believe the idiotic trash on TV. I am so grateful that when I feel better, I don't have the time to watch this stuff. And did you know that Iphone has an App for everything you need in life? I wish I were an Iphone and it were that simple.

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Diane in Virginia said...

BEAUTIFUL !! I hope you feel better soon!!! :(