Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am totally in love with this pudding. I found the recipe HERE. I've made it a million times since I found it. What makes it so irresistable? Is it because the ingredients are basic and all on hand? Or could it be because it is made in the microwave in one bowl. Or is it that it takes 7 mins to make? No---it is the flavor. Creamy, rich homemade pudding. I will never buy those boxes of pudding again. And I am going to play around and maybe add chocolate next time.

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Diane in Virginia said...

This is one of Jeff's favorite recipe websites! He has pretty much taken over the cooking since about November. Of course I am not complaining except how snug my clothes fit right now! Just this week got back to my SERIOUS eliptical machine workout. I hurt all over but it produces great results fast! :)