Monday, March 9, 2009

I have to admit---it is a little dull around here and if I went outside to take a picture to post, it would be, well---dull. Spring is trying to take a foothold but it will be awhile. So----St Patrick's day is next week and if nothing else, I will feature the color GREEN. I was sorting some old cards and memoribilia going back to my birth and did find something green in one of the cards----a $10 bill! Anyway---here is my green bottle collection. I didn't start out collecting green bottles, but whenever I went into an antiques store or tag sale, I was always drawn to these bottles and finally decided to group them together. The oldest is mid left and is a coffin flask and was bought shortly after we were married in upstate New York at an old barn sale. The seller said it was 18 century but very common. Not sure if that is true but I love the color. The bottle to the right of it was given to me by my brother and he bought it on Ebay from a seller who found it at the site of the old Erie Canal. And the little triangular one is an old inkwell. But------the age or function is meaningless to me----I just love the color, especially when the sun is shining on them.

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