Monday, December 14, 2009

Please God, let it snow! Seriously----this gray, drizzly mess is disheartening. I can't even bring myself to post a picture of it. But wait----what did the weatherman just say? Snow is on the Way!!

In the mean time, here are some idle thoughts----

1. It is way too easy to order shoes online. The selection, the pictures, the free shipping, Oh My!

2. I delivered a wreath to my Mom and Dad's grave and my heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one this year. I work with a woman whose beautiful daughter died unexpectedly and she is just one of many friends and family who are grieving. They are constantly in my thoughts and prayers

3. 6:15 in December seems like bedtime but 6:15 in July seems like it is just the beginning of a leisurely long evening

4. I wish I had EVERY Monday off---life would be perfect

5. Weatherman is hinting at a White Christmas. Life would be perfect.

6. Does anyone know how to train a dog to wipe his feet before coming inside. Life would be perfect.

Have a nice evening!

1 comment:

Diane in Virginia said...

Lets hold off on those "white Christmas wishes" until the way out of towners are in town. :) Rog and Maribel are driving too.