Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sigh---------there just isn't much excitement around here today to post. Lots of snow on the ground. Work-home-laundry etc. But the house does smell like Choco chip Oatmeal cookies and these beauties are going to be packed and headed to Vermont this weekend with Matt on a ski trip. So here are a few random thoughts I am going to throw out there

  • Did you see K D Lang sing Hallelujah at the Vancouver Opening Ceremony. I can NOT get that beautiful haunting song out of my mind. Yes--it is on my Ipod!

  • Who would plan a potluck on Ash Wednesday? My coworkers--and my Lenten resolution of giving up chocolate lasted 2 hours. Instead I am going to give up saying anything negative---only positive comments. Help me people, this is going to be tough---

  • Somebody send me a plane ticket to anywhere--------I would love to go on an adventure.

Okay---back to the mundane for me. Have a good one!

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