Sunday, April 11, 2010

This post has a happy beginning and a happy ending but the middle part is kind of less-than-perfect. This pizza had all the beginnings of perfection----the dough for the crust was pliable, fragrant and just the right consistancy when rolled out. The topping ingredients were fresh and delicious. I even celebrated by sipping wine while putting the finishing touches on the dinner. I was so proud, I took this picture and that's when things started going downhill and FAST. As I was putting the pizza in the oven, it kind of plopped onto the stone in one clump. I yelled for Dan to order a pizza on the phone. He calmly came over, grabbed a spatula and told me it wouldn't look great but would still taste good. And he was right---we had a mishapen pizza that was a little too done in spots but the wine made it all worthwhile.

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