Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random thoughts while trying to get out of vacation mode.

  • I think the best thing about going out of town is not being able to do all those little things that need tending to. As in "I would weed the garden if I could, but since I am out of town---

  • My body is still on vacation but my mind is making me feel guilty.

  • The Farmer's Market is all decked out in local finery! I bought green beans to freeze(tomorrow---read the bullet point above). cauliflower to pickle(tomorrow), Hungarian sweet peppers that debuted on pizza AND SWEET CORN-HOMEGROWN!

  • It is great to be a mom of adult children. While in Indiana, there was a mix-up on our reservation and I lost the confirmation paper(Adam found it), we bought some wine and the box tipped over in our car and broke(Adam re-packed it for us), AND he had a guest room ready for us complete with guest towels!

  • Whatever happened to 80 degree summer days with a breeze and kids playing outside. It is so hot that nobody is seen outside. This is OHIO not Arizona!

  • If you have never been to Southern Indiana, stop in and look around. It was so pretty--hilly and rural with streams and gorgeous barns. I wish I had taken more pictures of some of the unusual barns, but I didn't want to aggravate the driver with "STOP the car, I want to take a picture"

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer---it is almost August already.


mariska said...


You can say that again about Arizona.....too hot to leave! lol

Mariska said...

too hot to leave the house, that is......