Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This bridge has intrigued me ever since our visit to Sault Ste Marie in the UP. It is a railroad bridge over the St Mary's river and is in direct line to the locks and the heavy lake freighter traffic. So twice a day the upper portion of the bridge with the railroad trestle has to be lowered and locked in place for the train to rumble over it---and then raised up and out of the way for the lake freighter traffic. And, of course, there has to be a bridge tender. So to get to his job, the bridge tender parks his car on one side of the river and takes an elevater waaay up to the open air catwalk and walks over the St. Mary's river---and then back again at the end of the day(and we aren't even talking about lunch time). Since the locks are operational until mid January(the ice cutter keeps the river navigable) and the UP is notable for frigid, blizzard weather---those winer walks are quite treacherous.

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