Monday, May 2, 2011

Here we go ladies---the evolution of the kitchen as displayed at the Henry Ford Musuem. This rustic room dates from the late 1700's and I think the lady of this house felt she was blessed to have a wood floor as opposed to a dirt floor.

I find this mid 1800's kitchen inviting. I am picturing a New England snowy winter raging outside the window with a roaring fire inside and candles flickering throughout. And then there are those hungry children and husband, no running water or modern appliances and the kitchen doesn't look so inviting anymore.

And then there is this, somewhat dreary looking kitchen from the late 1800's. The stove looks like it might be a lot of work and although you can't tell from my picture, there is an intimidating large mouse trap next to the wood box. My grandmother had a stove like this. One of the memorable moments of my life was when we took my mom and her sister to this museum and they started reminiscing when they saw items their mother had! An unplanned magical day.

And finally---this beauty from the 1930's. I could live in this kitchen. Love the checkerboard floor. Love the seaglass blue trim. Love the white cabinets. Not so sure of the stove or icebox but with a few faux front cabinets to conceal a modern appliance or two---I could live here!

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