Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Soooooo----life is reduced to this. Signage to remind me to obey. It all started several Friday's ago as I was hurrying home from work---hurrying as in 52 in a 35 zone. Or so the policeman told me. I saw him going the other way and he threw his hands up in exasperation as if to say "What the----". At that point I knew I was a marked woman. When I saw him turning around in a driveway I knew there was no way out. But being so close to home I stayed on course---with reduced speed. He followed me home with lights a flashin'---right into my driveway. I remember thinking this probably wasn't such a great idea in full view of the neighbors. So I did the only thing I could think of---I acted really sick and told him that was the reason for my speed. That resulted in a lecture and a "WELL THAT IS THE WORST TIME TO SPEED---WHEN YOU ARE SICK" So he took my license to the squad car and I texted my husband "In driveway getting ticket". I KNEW he would come to my rescue and say "it's OK officer, I will take it from here". NOT. I saw the garage door open a peep and knew he was watching from safety. The officer then proceeded to say to me very loudly "DO YOU KNOW YOU DON"T HAVE A TICKET ON THIS LICENSE". Of course I knew that------the license was only a year old, if you recall. But he gave me a rather stern warning and left. I was rather proud of the "not having a ticket" part of the ordeal but the next day I caught myself speeding again and so----a little note to remind me

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Diane in Music City! said...

Good for you on the ticket and Uncle Dan was just practicing "tough love"! :)