Saturday, August 20, 2011

We are back home after seven wonderful days in Upper Michigan with our bicycles and lots of gorgeous weather. But let's make this perfectly clear---it wasn't all excercise and fitness. Oh no. There is a store called American Spoon Foods that sells homemade Gelato. It is indescribably good----rich and creamy and bursting with flavor. Unfortunately I am always drawn to the same flavor and miss an entire freezer case of other tastes. I did cut back a little---usually I have the medium cup with Chocolate--Ginger--Coconut. This year I had the small cup with Chocolate and Ginger. The Ginger is excellent. Dan had Wildflower Honey and Hazelnut and the second time it was Wildflower Honey and Mint Chocolate Chip. But we left behind and never tried so many other flavors. Next time!

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