Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I found this little treasure at the grocery store today! The grocery store! When I was a young teen, my Mom would take me to the department store's cosmetic counter to buy it. Yardley English lavender soap. The smell is exquisite and reminds me so much of being younger. I loved all the Yardley products including Lipsmacker lip gloss! Those were the days of the Beatles and Twiggy and we were in love with anything and everything from England. My friends and I could spend an hour at the cosmetic counter sampling Yardley products. So when I saw this today, I turned around and took a whiff of the box---and same smell, same soap. They had the Yardley oatmeal soap too but that will be next week's treat. The box says its been made in London since 1770 so I guess it is appropriate for this week-with the Olympics starting soon!

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