Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Thursday

Matt invited us to go to St. Stephen's Catholic Church tonite for Holy Thursday. This church is in the Hungarian neigborhood of Toledo and is where my father's family established the Kinsey Funeral Home early in this century. Here is the front of the beautiful church and a picture of Matt in front of the funeral home that was started by my grandfather.

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Mariska said...

That one warms my heart too Michele! Oh how I miss the days of living, and working there. I remember one winter when my dad and Fr. Hernady left me behind in the church while they made there way to Calvary Cemetery through the winter storm in below zero temperatures. I spent the whole time that they were gone on the altar in awe of the beauty and presence of spirit. Before I blinked an eye it seemed they were back. And now in looking back, it still seems, in someway, just a moments ago. On Holy Thursday while you were at St. Stephen's that is when I was at St. Odelia's singing in the choir. Remember? I told you about that. Thanks Matt for holding on to the heritage!!!