Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

I have decided to start a blog. Stop laughing. It will be a good way for family and friends to stay in touch. This is such a dismal time of year and another winter storm is coming tonite, so this will be a great way to chase the winter doldrums away. I think I will use this as a way to tell my family what Dan and I are up to, discuss our Tigers and publish pictures of our projects. OK--here goes--I am going to push the Publish Post button. I mean it---stop laughing.


The Happy Knitter said...

I LOVE your blog. It made me smile many times. I was happy to see the book made the opening page. This is great and thanks for sharing!!! Love, Lisa

Fun In Virginia! said...

I agree with Lisa, I LOVE your blog!! I won't get to mine for awhile but I am really enjoying yours. Love, Diane :)

Mariska said...

Can't sleep, up reading, smiling my way through your blog. Much love to your blog beginning. You are such a joy Michele! Simple and amazing...YOU ARE! Thankful for the sharing as I smile onward and read, hopefully getting sleepy soon, not from boredom in your blog, but from an end to a long day. I fell asleep watching a movie, and that catnap made me restless awake. Hence, I found my way to your blog while you are probably sound asleep!