Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of my Weekend:

The Good!

-I feel pretty good about preserving a peck of green beans from the Farmer's Market in my freezer. I am not sure about the cost savings but I feel pretty dang good about using LOCAL as much as possible. Next year I may have to grow my own. Dan wants me to post the picture where he is trying to look like he cut off his finger while snipping beans. Next weekend--corn!
-Got some bicycle riding time in and that is always a plusl
-Gave Magglio a bath and he always smells so good and feels so soft afterward.

The Bad.
-I ate way too much. Homemade Raspberry pie, chicken barbeque, ice cream,blueberry pancakes, beer---you name it. But that is coming to a screeching halt come Monday morning.
The Ugly.
-Did anyone see the Tiger-Indian game today. Not just a Tiger loss but a killing.. 11-1 and ugly every step of the way.

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