Saturday, August 1, 2009

Simple Summer Pleasure

I am giving you a "secret" summer recipe that is a favorite of ours. We love it so much because it is so delicious and easy---perfect for lazy, hazy, summer afternoons. You know the kind----too hot to cook and almost too hot to eat. So here goes-----

Tomato Basil Sandwich

-sliced garden tomato(NOT those cardboard tasting kind the grocery store sells)

-FRESH basil leaves

-Mayo. We prefer Hellmeans REAL mayo

-freshly ground pepper and salt


Spread both sides of bread with a light coating of mayo. Stack the tomatoes and basil on and sprinkle with salt and pepper

Place sandwich on paper plate(no clean up) and sit outside with a glass of iced tea.
Disclaimer: These tomatoes are NOT from our garden. Here we are into August and all we have are green ones growing slowly. Also, Dan wants you to know the Light Mayo isn't as good on these sandwiches. ENJOY!


Diane in Virginia said...

We ate BLT's last night with tomatoes from our tomatoe plants. W have had tomatoes for a couple of weeks now. I will keep the basil in mind, that sounds yummy!

Diane in Virginia said...

oops! someday I'll actually "spell check" my stuff before I hit send!!

Mariska said...

I love basil and tomato together. MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM GOOOOOOOOD
sounds like a winner of a sandwich!!!