Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let it Snow!

If I want to really touch a nerve with people, I will throw out the remark that I love snow. If on Facebook, I post a status update, I may get a response or 2 but just let me publish that "Hooray it is Snowing" and all hell breaks loose. Well, it is true--I love the snow. And last nite around 8pm, it started with a pretty powdery snowfall and continued through the nite. Today when it stopped--beautiful, glistening snow on the ground. The kind that when you step in it---or write on it--it crunches. And yes, that is a Christmas tree in the picture. But I prefer to call it a Valentine Tree.

1 comment:

Diane in Virginia said...

I am one of the "guilty" for giving you a hard time for your love of snow. Your so fabulous and I love you so I'll stop giving you a hard time.......for now anyway. :)