Monday, January 18, 2010

Pull up a chair, because I have a story to tell. Once upon a time, 2 days ago, a group of hale and hearty individuals grabbed their snowshoes, a few granola bars, jumped into our Tahoe and drove to Deadman's Hill in upper Michigan for excercise and fellowship. They came to the end of the road----where the sign says "End of Paved Road---unplowed area ahead" and did what all wise people do---parked the SUV(actually they tried to go farther but the conditions prohibited it) and snowshoed in. About 1 half a mile into the trail, at the top of the hill and the trailhead, they came to a very small Hyundai with 2 individuals standing there looking stuck. How did you get in?, we asked. Never mind that, they said, the question is "how do we get out" Our fearless group of 4 women and 1 man sprang into action. The Hyundai driver said "never fear, a group of snowmobilers called a tow truck but that was an hour ago AND----I have a shovel--which he proceeded to hand to us. We crawled under the car, dug him out with one shovel and snowshoes just in time for the tow truck driver to walk in and say " I don't think I can get my truck in here" So we pushed and we pushed and we got that driver out. We are still asking ourselves what on earth he was thinking driving that little car into that unplowed area!

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Diane in Virginia said...

must have been their first time driving in snow.....duh!!!!!