Friday, January 1, 2010

This blog started as an experiment one day. I wanted to learn about starting a blog and I was also looking for a way to practice and improve my photography. What I found along the way was that keeping this daily web journal has made me look at life a lot differently. I challenged myself to always find something in my sometimes mundane day that is worthwhile enough to share---not only to comment on but to photograph. And the truth is--there is a lot in everyone's daily existance to celebrate and appreciate. This last year has made me realize that the most important part of our lives is those people we love and who love us. We never know when our time on earth will end and we must never take any moment for granted. The day after Christmas a most extraordinary young woman I knew--an RN at the hospital I work at---was called in to work in the early morning hours and was hit head on and killed instantly by a young man with a suspended license who was driving the wrong way on the expressway. It has made all of us vow never to take another moment, another person, another anything for granted. So on that note, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your stopping by to read my blog, to make a comment or tell me in person that you read this. I appreciate you more than you know. Have a wonderful and LOVING New Year. We are following a family tradition and eating our pork and sauerkraut. Ours will be in the form of an old Hungarian dish called Koloszvari Kaposzta which means Scalloped Pork and Rice. It is from a Hungarian church cookbook and the contributer of the recipe is Mrs Stephen Kinsey Sr---my grandmother!

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bonnie said...

I have that cookbook!!!- Love your blog