Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter traditions are ingrained with me----and I have my Eastern European grandmothers to thank for that-and my Mom and Aunts too. Easter meant the house had to be spic and span, windows sparkling clean, lots of baking,new clothes ,patent leather shoes with a purse to match and one of those little straw hats with an elastic to go under your chin. In fact, I still have my little hats--and I may post that on another day. By the time Holy Saturday came, a basket would be filled with Easter food and taken to a special Mass to be blessed. I haven't done any baking and my spring cleaning could be better---but my windows are sparkling clean. And today---I did something I haven't done for a long time. I dyed Easter Eggs---all by myself! I needed hard boiled eggs for a recipe and decided to give it a go---fun! I deviated somewhat from my childhood routine---then I would plop the egg in the dye and keep it there until it absorbed as much color as possible. The adult me went for variations in shades and I am pleased with the results!

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