Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hope this weekend finds you warm and cozy. Take some time to do something just for you. I saw an article about how vintage felt Christmas stockings are back in fashion and my brother and I were so lucky to find the stockings that Mom had made for us. I totally forgot about them until I saw them in the box and again, I am totally in love with this stocking! I may make some for my family next year. And---since I know my sons read this blog---I hope that someday they will look at the treasures I make for them and love them as much as the treasures my Mom made for me.


Diane in Virginia said...

Christmas can NOW begin! We received your Christmas card today. Can you believe its the first one we have gotten??? I'm just as bad, mine are going on tomorrow. :)

Tiger Fan said...

Thanks Diane! I am honored to be the first! We haven't recieved a lot of cards either yet---I have a feeling the economy has something to do with that. We are having our first real snowstorm of the year-and it is COOOOLD