Sunday, December 7, 2008

Okay--I am feeling proud. I made a batch of Irene's Hungarian Pastries and they turned out well. They are packaged and in the freezer awaiting Christmas. I gave Dan a sample and he said "where's the powdered sugar" which made me laugh because he remembered how Mom had dusting them with powdered sugar down to a science. Friday I went on a "field trip" with Dan and some classes from Toledo Public Schools. We took a chartered bus to Cleveland to see Lebron James and the Cavaliers. Fun time and they handed out these great wigs. This is a pic of "Grossie" and one of his students. That is what his students call him which was also his high school nickname. Oh--and I frosted my Dobos Torte and that is in the freezer too!!!!!!!! So you can see---I really am proud------and Hungarian.


katiekinsey said...

oh fun! we made our hungarian pastries last weekend, which actually might have been the same weekend. But see our batches were gone within 24 hours so we didnt need to freeze them! haha, and Uncle Dan is definitely right, you just can't eat them without powdered sugar! Anyways, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and your right, with all the traffic online shopping is definitely the way to go! well hope u have a good one!!

Tiger Fan said...

Thanks Katie! Your mom told me you were making Pastries at the same time and I was thinking of you while I was doing mine!At least yours are gone and you will have time to burn off the calories before the holiday while we are going to bombard ourselves with all the calories at once! I hope you have the best Christmas ever! I know your Mom and Dad have told me they are looking forward to spending as much time as possible with you. And wouldn't Grandma Kinsey be proud to know that part of her legacy is her kids and grandchildren making her recipes. Matt wants me to teach him to make them too! Stay in touch. I miss you. Love, Aunt Michele